As a graphic and web designer, 
I define myself as overflowing with energy and creative ideas. I am at your side to guide you and advise you throughout the realization of your project.
About me

As a graduate of the 2-year applied art Masters Degree (La Martinière Diderot - Lyon) and the 2-year applied art higher technical degree (Lycée Bréquigny - Rennes) programs, and with over 6 years of experience as a graphic designer, I initially spent 3 years working at the innovative startup WAOUP. During my time there, I honed my skills in creating brand identities, adapting them to various print and web communication materials, as well as capturing photo and video coverage of numerous events.
In addition, I had the opportunity to work as a web designer at Houzz, where I gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in web design and customer service. This experience further enhance my skills and understanding of creating engaging online experiences.
After my valuable experience, I decided to return to freelance work, where I now have the flexibility to work with a diverse range of clients and projects.
"Emilie's strong point is her ability to produce quickly and accurately with a brief description. In addition to being joyful and very pleasant, she knows how to immerse herself in projects, be creative, and provide relevant input. I highly recommend her without hesitation."

- Matthias Bruno
Why work with me?

With a combination of rigor and passion, my experience has allowed me to develop a strong ability to adapt and deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines. I provide comprehensive support throughout your project, serving as your sole point of contact or selectively delivering specific milestones based on your needs.
I am driven by the desire to create deliverables that blend current trends and artistic sensibility with the strategic objectives and constraints of your project.
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